Universal Pension Scheme Calculator

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How to Register for the Universal Pension Scheme in Bangladesh

As retirement approaches, financial security becomes a top concern for individuals across the globe. Governments are taking steps to address this issue by implementing various pension schemes. In Bangladesh, the government has introduced the Universal Pension Scheme (UPS) to provide a safety net for all citizens during their retirement years. If you’re interested in registering for the UPS, this blog post will guide you through the process.

Pocket eWallet – ABG Technologies Limited

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অনলাইন ট্রেড লাইসেন্স দরকার? সেবা অটোমেশন

আধুনিক প্রযুক্তির মহাশক্তির সাথে একইসাথে সার্থক বাংলাদেশের প্রতিশ্রুতিগুলি হচ্ছে ডিজিটাল অনলাইন সেবা এবং অটোমেশন প্রণালী। স্থানীয় সরকার বিভাগের স্মারক নং-৪৬.০০.০০০০.০১৭.৯৯.০৪৯.২০২২-৭৯ এর তারিখ ০৫/০২/২০২৩ থেকে প্রকাশিত এই অটোমেশন সিস্টেমে নাগরিকদের ট্রেড লাইসেন্স প্রক্রিয়া সহজ করেছে বাংলাদেশের উন্নত এবং স্মার্ট উদ্যোগ।

Client NID And Birth Certificate Verification With API Service Verification Gateway Bangladesh

NID And Birth Certificate Verification With API is a cutting-edge digital service developed in collaboration with Bangladesh National Digital Architecture (BNDA) and the Election Commission. It offers instant API-based onboarding and verification solutions for financial organizations, online businesses, FinTech companies, and government entities. With Porichoy, you can easily verify NID numbers, names, dates of birth, and addresses, as well as perform face matching for enhanced security. Choose from packages like Porichoy Basic, Autofill, Autofill with Face Matching, Mobile Verification, and Mobile to NID. Sign up now for a 30-day free trial and experience the convenience, accuracy, and efficiency of Porichoy’s real-time identity verification gateway. Transform your customer onboarding process with Porichoy today.

BD Budget FY24: Price Changes in the Bangladesh 2023-2024 Budget

Explore the key price changes in the Bangladesh 2023-2024 budget. Discover which products are set to see increases or decreases in their prices and how these changes may impact consumers. From household items to mobile phones, agricultural machinery to sanitary napkins, delve into the 20 keywords highlighting the budget’s effects on various products and sectors. Stay informed about the shifting economic landscape and its implications for your daily life.

Top 10 Taxpayers of Bangladesh in 2022: Key Contributors to The Country’s Economy

Discover the top 10 taxpayers of Bangladesh in 2022, including influential individuals and renowned organizations. From business tycoons to prominent media conglomerates, these key contributors play a vital role in supporting the country’s economy through their substantial tax payments. Learn about their notable achievements and contributions, and understand the significance of taxes in funding essential services such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Gain insights into the remarkable individuals and organizations shaping Bangladesh’s financial landscape and driving its progress towards a brighter future.

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