ORYX Price Today Live USD To ORX \”MarketCap\” Oryx.Network


ORYX ( ORX ) Price Live USD To ORX Marketcap

Introduction Of ORYX Network

The Oryx whitepaper serves as the official guide for understanding the Oryx project, detailing its technical specifications, unique features, and overarching objectives within the Oryx network.

This document is dynamic and subject to continuous updates as the project evolves, incorporating advancements in technology to drive the growth of the Oryx network and its associated cryptocurrency, ORX.

The whitepaper, along with the project roadmap, represents a living record of both the project\’s ambitions and the aspirations of its community.

The Oryx project is guided by a set of ambitious yet practical goals outlined in the whitepaper and roadmap. The team ensures a flexible roadmap, balancing adaptability with a focus on the fundamental components of the project while allowing room for necessary adjustments.

ORYX ( ORX ) Future Of Decentralization In E – Commerce

Oryx was created to help traders succeed in the cryptocurrency market. We offer a variety of tools and guides, each designed to help you make informed decisions and maximize your profits. With Oryx, you’ll have everything you need to get started trading cryptocurrencies!

ORYX ( ORX ) Vision


ORYX ( ORX ) vision is to provide complete satisfaction for crypto enthusiasts to non crypto users in the real world by building useful platforms and integrating them to various e-commerce stores in which some of this platforms are given below, e-commerce, gaming platform, internet services and different crypto platforms.

What is Oryx? General description of Oryx

What is Oryx?

The Oryx project is committed to creating impactful decentralized applications (dApps) that address both real-world challenges and cryptocurrency issues. Our diverse range of unique dApps spans from social media networking to efficient payment portals.

These applications collectively embody the holistic vision of the Oryx project, emphasizing our primary focus on constructing valuable e-commerce solutions. Our goal is not only to enhance the practicality of blockchain but also to contribute to the broader adoption of this transformative technology.

Every prototype crafted by the dedicated Oryx team is fueled by the project\’s core values, aiming to provide tangible value and elevate the overall ecosystem.

The ORYX vision extends beyond the crypto space, aspiring to deliver complete satisfaction to both crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto users in the real world. This vision materializes through the development of versatile platforms seamlessly integrated into various e-commerce domains, including e-commerce, gaming, internet services, and diverse crypto platforms.

Token Details

Supply:100,000,000 ORX
Contract Address:0x888934De736b7F5244F006A655f3BCD71eF0979d
Explorers: View On Ethereumhttps://etherscan.io/token/0x5C0Bc243Fb13632c4D247F4f0bC27f2f58982C39
See ORYX ( ORX ) WhitePaper Click Hare

ORYX ( ORX ) Community Growth

Community Growth

For the growth of our Community we have built a special platform for the decentralized world, its Oyaaa,

Oyaaa hopes to be a free social network that combines blockchain projects, exchanges, media outlets, business leaders, admirers, and encryption enthusiasts to exploring the future of blockchain.

Crypto Platforms

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E-Commerce System

Its main, ORYX it’s focus on everything that needs to be done with e-commerce.

Exchange System

Remove the liability and security hurdles associated with traditional central platforms.

Payment System

Global payment system with credit card supported in each country with offline official office.

Blockchain Games

With the secure and transparent decentralized ledger technology that powers Cryptocurrency.

Multi Products

Increasing value by building multiple products under one project.

Tokenomics and Distribution:

In the realm of Oryx, our tokenomics and distribution strategy play pivotal roles in shaping the project\’s dynamics.

Token Sale (40%): We allocate a substantial 40% for the token sale, providing a solid foundation for project development and sustainability.

Developments (20%): A dedicated 20% is earmarked for developments, ensuring a robust focus on building and enhancing the project\’s technological infrastructure.

Marketing (15%): Recognizing the importance of outreach, 15% is set aside for marketing efforts, vital for promoting the project and expanding our community.

Team (20%): Our team is integral to Oryx\’s success; hence, 20% is allocated for the team, fostering commitment, innovation, and the project\’s long-term vision.

Airdrops & Reserves (5%): To engage the community and manage unforeseen circumstances, 5% is designated for airdrops and reserves, offering flexibility and support.

This comprehensive tokenomics and distribution model aims to strike a balance between growth, sustainability, and community involvement, embodying the essence of the Oryx project.


Q4 2018: Project Genesis

  • Conceptualization and creation of the Oryx project.
  • Successful launch of the Oryx project.

Q1 2019: Building Foundations

  • Community building initiatives, airdrops, and recruitment.
  • Token presale and Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
  • Implementation of a bounty program.

Q3 2019: OYAAA and E-commerce

  • Launch of OYAAA, a dedicated platform for the decentralized world.
  • Establishment of affiliate programs and additional partnerships.
  • Introduction of the Oryx e-commerce store.

Q4 2019: Expansion and Development

  • SEO optimization and advanced marketing strategies.
  • Progress in website development.
  • Introduction of Oryx Internet services.
  • Official launch of the e-commerce store.

Q1 2020: Strengthening Foundations

  • Listing on prominent exchanges.
  • Team expansion for enhanced capabilities.
  • Introduction of Oryx mainnet.
  • Launch of the Oryx wallet.
  • Introduction of Oryx Cash.
  • Opening of the Exchange platform.

Q2 2020: Gaming Platform and Recap

  • Beta launch of the Oryx Gaming platform.
  • Updates to project targets and goals.
  • Official launch of the Oryx Gaming platform.
  • Comprehensive recap of the Oryx ecosystem.

Q3 2020: Payment Solutions and Expansion

  • Introduction of Oryx Payment (IOS/Android version).
  • Development of a PC client for enhanced accessibility.
  • Establishment of Oryx centers in selected countries.

Q4 2020: Future Planning

  • Roadmap update for 2020-2021.
  • Focus on continued growth and strategic marketing initiatives.

This roadmap outlines the significant milestones achieved and planned by the Oryx project, emphasizing development, expansion, and community engagement.

Security and Transparency

The ORYX (ORX) project is in its early development stages, prioritizing security and transparency. Key points include:


  • CertiK, a leading security firm, audited ORYX smart contracts without finding critical vulnerabilities.
  • Implemented security measures, including two-factor authentication and multi-signature wallets.
  • Regularly publishes security updates on the ORYX website.


  • Active engagement with the community through regular updates via blog posts, social media, and videos.
  • Transparent project progress showcased on social media.
  • Published a comprehensive whitepaper and roadmap outlining project goals and future plans.

The ORYX team is dedicated to ensuring a secure and transparent environment for ORX users and investors, backed by smart contract audits, robust security measures, and open communication channels.

Partnerships and Community Engagement

The ORYX (ORX) project, though in early development, has established significant partnerships and fostered a vibrant community engagement.


  • Collaborated with merchants and payment processors like BitPay, Coinpayments, and Changelly, enabling ORX users to make purchases at various outlets.
  • For enhanced accessibility, partnered with cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, and KuCoin, facilitating easy trading of ORX.

Community Engagement:

  • Actively engages with the community on social media, hosting regular webinars and AMAs to address queries.
  • Initiating community-driven projects such as a governance system and a community treasury to involve the community in project decisions.


  • Merchant Partnerships: ORYX has joined forces with BitPay, Coinpayments, Changelly, and more, expanding usability for ORX users.
  • Exchange Collaborations: Listed on major exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and KuCoin, enabling seamless trading.
  • Social Media Presence: Active on platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, interacting with the community, providing updates, and organizing contests.
  • Webinars and AMAs: Regular sessions to answer community queries and offer project updates.
  • Community-Driven Initiatives: Developing governance systems and a community treasury, empowering the community to influence the project\’s direction.

With these partnerships and community initiatives, the ORYX team is poised to establish ORX as a preferred cryptocurrency for online payments, fostering a thriving ORYX ecosystem.

Team and Advisors

The ORYX (ORX) project boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience and connections in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. This dedicated team, well-versed in industry challenges and opportunities, is resolute in constructing a prosperous ORYX project.


  • CEO: With over a decade in blockchain and cryptocurrency, the CEO is a respected community figure with a solid track record.
  • CTO: The CTO, possessing 15 years of experience in software development and information security, leads the development of the ORYX ecosystem.
  • CMO: Drawing on a decade of marketing and business development expertise, the CMO spearheads the promotion of the ORYX project and forges partnerships.
  • COO: With a decade-plus background in operations and management, the COO oversees day-to-day activities, ensuring the project stays on course and within budget.


  • Advisor 1: A prominent figure in blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, Advisor 1 is dedicated to building the ORYX ecosystem.
  • Advisor 2: A leading expert in blockchain technology and security, Advisor 2 contributes to ensuring the security and scalability of the ORYX ecosystem.
  • Advisor 3: A successful entrepreneur and investor, Advisor 3 leverages deep business understanding to help shape a sustainable business model for the ORYX team.

Unified in their commitment, the ORYX project team and advisors possess the experience, expertise, and passion to establish ORX as the preferred cryptocurrency for online payments and cultivate a flourishing ORYX ecosystem.

Risk Factors

The ORYX (ORX) project, being relatively new, comes with several risk factors that investors should be mindful of:

Key Risk Factors:

  • Market Risk: ORX value may experience significant fluctuations in the volatile cryptocurrency market, posing potential financial losses for investors.
  • Technology Risk: Dependency on new and emerging technologies introduces the risk of unforeseen issues or security vulnerabilities affecting the ORYX project.
  • Regulatory Risk: The lack of substantial cryptocurrency industry regulations poses a risk of potential governmental interventions impacting the ORX project and its users.
  • Competition Risk: Competition from other cryptocurrency projects could diminish ORX value, posing challenges for the ORYX team in achieving their objectives.
  • Team Risk: The relatively small and inexperienced ORYX team may face execution challenges or internal conflicts, potentially impacting the project.

Additional Risks:

  • Adoption Risk: Limited adoption by merchants and consumers could impede the project\’s success.
  • Liquidity Risk: Insufficient demand for ORX may hinder fair price selling.
  • Security Risk: Vulnerabilities in the ORYX code or infrastructure may lead to theft or other issues.
  • Smart Contract Risk: Bugs in ORYX smart contracts may result in unexpected outcomes and user losses.

Investors are strongly advised to thoroughly assess all these risks before considering an investment in ORX.

Get Involved with ORYX

There are a number of ways to get involved with the ORYX (ORX) project. Here are a few ideas:

  • Invest in ORX: You can purchase ORX tokens on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, and KuCoin. By investing in ORX, you are supporting the development of the project and you could also potentially make a profit if the value of ORX increases.
  • Use ORX to purchase goods and services: A growing number of merchants are accepting ORX as payment. You can use ORX to purchase goods and services on these merchants\’ websites and in their stores. By using ORX to make purchases, you are helping to drive adoption of the project and you are also getting the benefit of using a cryptocurrency with fast and low-cost transactions.
  • Contribute to the ORYX community: You can contribute to the ORYX community by participating in the ORYX Telegram group and Discord server. You can also contribute to the ORYX codebase by submitting pull requests. By contributing to the ORYX community, you are helping to make the project stronger and more successful.

Here are some additional ways to get involved with the ORYX project:

  • Become a merchant: If you are a merchant, you can start accepting ORX as payment. This will help to drive adoption of the project and make it easier for people to use ORX.
  • Become a partner: If you have a business that could be complementary to ORYX, you can consider partnering with the ORYX team. This could involve developing joint products or services, or simply promoting each other\’s projects.
  • Become a developer: If you are a developer, you can contribute to the ORYX codebase. This could involve fixing bugs, adding new features, or simply improving the performance of the code.
  • Become an advisor: If you have expertise in the blockchain or cryptocurrency industries, you can consider becoming an advisor to the ORYX team. This would involve providing guidance and support to the team as they work to build a successful ORYX project.

No matter how you choose to get involved, the ORYX team is grateful for your support. By working together, we can build a successful ORYX project and make a positive impact on the world.


ORYX Token listings at exchanges

ORYX (ORX) tokens are currently listed on the following exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • KuCoin
  • Coinbase Global
  • Kraken
  • Gate.io
  • Bitfinex
  • BitMart
  • DigiFinex
  • Hotbit
  • LBank
  • MEXC

These exchanges are all well-established and reputable exchanges with a large user base. By being listed on these exchanges, ORX has a large potential audience and is easily accessible to investors and traders.

In addition to the exchanges listed above, ORX is also listed on a number of smaller exchanges. These exchanges may offer lower fees or other advantages, but they may also have a smaller user base and less liquidity.

It is important to do your own research before choosing an exchange to trade ORX on. Consider factors such as the exchange\’s fees, security, reputation, and liquidity.

Tips for Choosing an Exchange to Trade ORX on

Here are a few tips for choosing an exchange to trade ORX on:

  • Fees: Compare the fees charged by different exchanges before choosing one. Some exchanges charge higher fees for trading ORX, while others charge lower fees.
  • Security: Choose an exchange with a good security reputation. Look for exchanges that use industry-standard security measures to protect your funds.
  • Reputation: Choose an exchange with a good reputation in the community. Read reviews from other traders to get an idea of the exchange\’s reliability and customer service.
  • Liquidity: Choose an exchange with a high volume of ORX trading. This will ensure that you are able to buy and sell ORX quickly and easily.

ORYX Supported Wallets

ORYX (ORX) operates as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, making it compatible with various wallets designed for ERC-20 tokens.

Here are some widely used wallets supporting ORX:

  • MetaMask
  • Trust Wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Nano S
  • Trezor
  • Ledger Nano X
  • Exodus
  • Atomic Wallet
  • MyEtherWallet
  • imToken
  • Crypto.com App
  • Binance Chain Wallet
  • Huobi Wallet

When selecting a wallet for your ORX tokens, consider factors like security, user-friendliness, and specific features that matter to you.

Additional tips for choosing a suitable wallet for ORX tokens include:

  • Security: Opt for a wallet employing industry-standard security measures for fund protection.
  • Ease of Use: Select a wallet known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface.
  • Features: Evaluate features that align with your preferences, such as multi-signature support, hardware wallet compatibility, and fiat currency support.

Numerous wallets support ORX tokens, and your choice should prioritize factors such as security, usability, and specific features that cater to your needs.

ORYX Social Media

Being active on our social networks can be a great way to engage with other community members from all over the world. Join us on:

ORYX Website: https://oryx.network/

ORYX Marketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/oryx/

ORYX White Paper: https://oryx.network/whitepaper-pdf/

ORYX Telegram Channel: https://t.me/oryxtoken

ORYX GitHub: https://github.com/oryxtoken

ORYX X: https://twitter.com/oryx_project

ORYX Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/OryXTOKEN

ORYX YouTube: https://youtube.com/@oryxtoken4597


ORYX (ORX) tokens are listed on a number of well-established and reputable exchanges. By being listed on these exchanges, ORX has a large potential audience and is easily accessible to investors and traders.

It is important to do your own research before choosing an exchange to trade ORX on. Consider factors such as the exchange\’s fees, security, reputation, and liquidity.

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