Will You Spend Money On The 5 Gadgets?

How to spend money depends on income, expenses, monthly expenses and other factors. If you want to add to the matter of solvency, then you can feel free to exclude the expenses that you don\’t incur.

Now the demand for tech products is very high. The year has come to an end. It means that it is time to buy new things and give gifts in the new year. And gadgets are fun things. So buy all kinds of gadgets will you win? You will be rather lazy to buy some gadgets.

What Are They?

Disposable power bank

These power banks harm the environment. Because there is no other option but to throw them away after using them once. But they are made with lithium batteries, which are actually rechargeable. But these power banks cannot be used more than once as there is no charging circuit. If you can buy a rechargeable power bank instead, it can be used day after day.

\’Tempered Glass\’ screen protector

These screen protectors do not offer any special benefits as tested. It is expensive, it is also troublesome to put on it. During installation, dust gets inside. Also breaks easily, does no good to protect the screen.

Can use film screen protector instead. Cheap in price, convenient to use. Can last longer and protect the screen much more.

No name cheap charger

Such chargers and power banks are very dangerous. Original chargers cost a lot of money, but these cheap chargers are dangerous. You can buy Anker, Amazon or Ravpower products instead. The quality is good, the price is reasonable.

Devices with redundant Bluetooth

Bluetooth hair brush, bluetooth toothbrush, bluetooth drinking cup! Such gadgets are also available in the market. They are sold simply using the name Bluetooth. Bluetooth is added to differentiate our products among thousands of products. Another thing is that the apps used in them have a lot of bugs. No updates are available.

IOT devices without names

Their hardware and software are of poor quality. No customer support, no credibility, you may have privacy issues.

Before buying any gadget beyond this list, always search online, read reviews, consider comparisons, and most importantly, buy the gadget if you need it.

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