Maskfone — A Timely Smart Gadget

Many things have changed in the ongoing pandemic. It is now necessary to wear a face mask when going out of the house. As a result, many normal tasks cannot be done easily.

Doing many things like talking on the phone or listening to music outside the house now leads to complications. Maskphone was invented to solve such problems.

A maskphone is a type of mask with a microphone that can be washed with water. Also, you can use the smartphone or talk on the phone with this gadget without any kind of wire.

In essence, it is a gadget that ensures security and convenience through technology.

It has PM2.5, N95 and FFP2 filters, which are switchable for convenience. Moreover, having a microphone and a pair of earphones in it, one can talk easily in a crowd of people without removing the mask.

Binatone, a technology-based company in England, launched the gadget on February 1 this month. Founded in 1958, Binatone currently manufactures a variety of electronic devices, including TV games, baby monitors and headphones.

The Binatone-made maskphone is currently available at several retail stores as well as Amazon\’s online shop for $49.99. A package of 5 N95 filters and 30 PM2.5 filters is also available for use with the maskphone. Both packages are priced at $19.99. The gadget has created a response among the buyers since it came into the market. However, many have also complained that the price of the product is high according to the benefits.

The user\’s voice can also be heard very clearly as the \’Hubble Connect App\’ is connected to the maskphone. As a result, it is possible to carry on a clear conversation with anyone through this gadget. Apart from these, maskphone has many other benefits.

For example, connecting a maskphone with a digital assistant. Thanks to the one-touch voice-activation technology, Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant can be commanded through the maskphone as needed. As a result, the gadget is being used simultaneously for entertainment and useful purposes.

That is, it is possible to command Alexa or Siri to listen to music on the mask phone at any time. Moreover, starting from managing the calendar, many other tasks can be done instantly with the help of this gadget.

You can stay connected to your phone wirelessly for up to twelve hours through Maskphone. That is, you can do many things like listening to podcasts, music or audio books or talking with loved ones for 12 hours continuously.

The gadget can be used throughout the day with a single full charge. And when you want to be quiet or need to listen to someone face-to-face, then you can remove the earbuds from your ears. When removed from the ear, the earbuds stick together with the help of magnets. Hence there is no fear of losing them easily.

This waterproof face mask protects the nose from even the smallest particles in the air. Users are also protected from viruses as 95% of airborne particles are filtered. The filter prevents bacteria and pollution so the user can breathe clean air.

Although several technologies are used in the manufacture of maskphones, the gadget is very easy to clean. Can be easily washed daily by washing machine or by hand. This mask can only be used if the filter is removed before washing and a new filter is applied again after drying.

Maskphone is made of soft twill fabric. As a result, the user\’s skin does not rub much. So the maskphone is not too uncomfortable to wear and does not fall off easily after wearing it.

Moreover, the gadget is designed in such a way that it fits nicely on anyone\’s face. As a result germs cannot enter through any side of the mask. Even after wearing the mask for a long time, there is no problem in breathing.

In addition, the maskphone also has a clip attached to the cable to prevent the earphone cable from tangling with the mask\’s elastic strip. This avoids pinching between the wire and the strip.

Again there is a button on the left side of the gadget to control the volume, pause or start the song. Moreover, these can be done by giving the virtual assistant with the help of voice commands.

In cities of the world like Dhaka where the level of air pollution is high, face masks are very useful to stay safe. That is, even after the pandemic, many people can use a smart gadget like Maskphone.

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