How To Update Android Mobile Software?

Rules for updating the phone: Nowadays most of us people use Android smartphones.

And because of that many times we need to update our phone.

But many of us don’t know how to update a phone and how to update software.

In addition to updating a phone. Whether any type of file or data will be deleted from that phone.

Many of us do not know anything about that.

So today I will tell you about the rules for updating this phone.

Also, if you update your Android mobile.

In that case, will any kind of file be deleted? I will discuss it in detail. Let’s go back to the main discussion.

What happens if you update the mobile software? Why is it given?

When we want to update our mobile software. Then a question arises in our mind.

And that is, what happens when you update the mobile software. So if you update your mobile software.

Then you can notice several changes in your mobile. For example,

  • Lag/Hang Issue: If your mobile is working slow before. Then by updating the software, your phone will work much faster. And there will be no hang problem.
  • Add New Feature: When a mobile software update is given. Then some new features are added in that mobile.
  • Basically it will provide such new features for free from your mobile company. The benefits of which you can enjoy.
  • Application Error: Older versions of mobiles may sometimes contain program errors.
  • And if this happens, then that mobile cannot be used properly.
  • And to eliminate such program errors. Mobile software updates are provided.
  • User Friendly Application: Various types of applications will be installed in your phone. And these applications can work very fast in your mobile.
  • Application Speed: When a mobile is used for a long time. Then it takes a long time to open those mobile applications.
  • And when the software update of that mobile is given. But then these applications are opened as soon as they are clicked.
  • And you will get this special benefit if you update your mobile software.
  • Security Protection: There will always be a possibility of hacking your mobile while using the internet.
  • And no dishonest person can hack your mobile. That is why your mobile company updates various types of security protection software.
  • And when you update your mobile software. Then you can use these security protections.

So if you update your mobile software. Then what will change in your mobile.

And those changes will be good or bad for your mobile. I have discussed those issues in detail above.

Now let’s know about other aspects of mobile software update.

Types of software updates

We update the software in our mobiles. Those updates are divided into two parts.

And these two updates work differently. Among those updates, the name of the first update is Version update and the name of the second update is Security and Incremental Updates.

Let’s find out what these two types of mobile updates actually do.

What is mobile version update?

When we bought a new mobile. Various software updates come in its few months.

So some updates come in these updates. Which change the old version of our mobile to the new version.

For example, if you are using Android 10 earlier. Then later your Android version will be changed to 11.

Basically it is called Android version update. And above I told you one thing. The thing is, if you update the mobile software, you can see new features.

So when the version update comes in your mobile. Then you can see various features, which are brand new.

And you will enjoy using these features. And to get such a feature, you must update the version in your mobile.

What is the function of Security and Incremental Updates?

A special type of update comes along with the version update in our mobiles.

That is Security and Incremental Updates. And the main reason for this update is that the security system in our phone is stronger than before.

Because of the software that is in a mobile. Those softwares are made with different types of programs.

And if there are any errors in these programs. But hackers can easily hack your mobile phone.

And no hacker can hack your phone. Your phone should not be attacked by viruses.

That’s why updates are provided to various security implements. Through which the security protection in your mobile.

It is much stronger than before.

What should you consider before updating your mobile phone?

When you update your mobile software. Then you must take care of several things.

Because you might have heard that. There are many people who have faced various problems while updating their mobile.

So the main cause of these problems is ourselves. Because there are several things to keep in mind while giving mobile updates.

And if you don’t care about those things. But after updating the mobile, various problems will appear in your mobile.

And one time that mobile can be broken or dead. So now I will mention some such things to you.

Which you must keep in mind while giving mobile updates. Now let’s know about those things in detail.

Battery Power

When a mobile software update is provided. But then try to keep the battery in that mobile fully charged. Because when your mobile takes update.

Then if your mobile is turned off due to lack of charge. But that update will not be 100% complete. And if your update is not completed.

But then your phone is likely to have various problems.

So when you update your mobile software. Before that, you must fully charge the battery in your mobile.

So that your phone does not turn off during the update. And this is one of the most important aspects of mobile updates. Which you must keep in mind.

Mobile data or Wi-Fi

While updating the mobile you must have that mobile connected to the internet.

Because to update the software, a file must be downloaded through the Internet. And the size of these files ranges from 1 GB to 2 GB.

So you must have internet connection in your mobile to download them.

Through which you can download them and then install them in your phone.

And when you download and install these software. Then you can update your mobile software.

Wait for few time

When you update your mobile software. Then you can notice one thing. Your phone will suddenly turn off while updating.

It will turn on by itself after a while. But we who are new people who have never given mobile update before.

But they are very worried about this matter.

Because we don’t understand why the mobile is turning off and whether the mobile will turn on again after turning off.

Mainly due to unknown reasons at that time we try to restart that mobile automatically when it turns off.

But you don’t forget to do that either. Rather if your mobile turns off when your phone is updated. Then you have to wait for a while.

Because if the phone is off while updating. But then it will turn itself back on. And you have to wait until that turns on.

But don’t forget to try to turn on your dead mobile by yourself.

Do not try to close it yourself. This will cause problems in updating the software of your mobile.

Do Not Switch Off Your Phone

When the software is updated in the mobile. Then it takes some time. That is, several minutes are required to complete the processing of this update.

But there are many of us who have basically never updated before. Nor does he know much about mobile updates.

So this update takes extra time while loading.

But then many of us turn off our mobile phones. There are many people who turn off their mobiles and turn them on again.

So by doing this, your mobile update is interrupted. Because when the updating processing is going on, if you switch off your mobile.

Then your mobile will not be updated. And when the update is not fully completed.

But then different types of problems may occur in your mobile. So when you update your mobile software.

Then you don’t forget to turn off that mobile by yourself.

Nor do you attempt to turn it on yourself. If you do this, then you will face several problems.

Rules for updating Android mobile phones

From the discussion so far we have come to know that if you update your mobile software.

So I have tried to tell you in detail what will change in your mobile.

In addition to this, what tasks can be done while updating the software of a mobile phone.

And what works cannot be done, I have said in detail about those things. So now I will tell you about the rules for updating Android mobile phones.

See when you update your mobile software. But then you have to follow several rules. For example:

  1. First of all, take your mobile phone.
  2. Then you will go directly to the settings option of your phone.
  3. Then you need to scroll down.
  4. And finally you can see an option called About Phone. You have to click there.
  5. And after entering this option, you will see another option called Software Update. where you have to click.
  6. Now you have to check the update online.
  7. That’s why you must click on Check For Update.
  8. Now if the software update comes to your mobile. Then you can see an option called Download & Install.
  9. And then you will see an option called Restart Now. And when you click on this option
  10. Then your mobile software will start updating automatically.

Many of us do not know how to update mobile software.

That’s why I tried to give you a step-by-step discussion about the rules for giving mobile updates.

So that you or unknown people like you follow these methods. You can update the software of your mobile.

Will the file be deleted if the mobile update?

There are many of us like that. Those who want to know if a mobile is updated.

Then various types of files inside that mobile, such as installed games, songs on the memory card, etc. will be deleted or not.

So those who actually want to know about this matter. Let me tell them, the chances of deleting any file from your phone after software update is very low.

However, it is not possible to guarantee that the data on your mobile will not be deleted if you update the mobile software.

Because when a mobile software is updated. Various types of files can then be deleted. This is not unusual.

So if you have any required files or data in your mobile. And if you want to update the software of your mobile.

Then definitely keep backup of your necessary files.

So that if your files get deleted while updating due to unexpected reasons.

Then you can get those files back again. That’s why you must have a backup.

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