How Face Recognition Technology Works

Currently, facial recognition technology is widely used in identifying identities in the virtual world.

Basically identifying or verifying someone\’s identity with other audiovisual elements such as facial images or videos is called facial verification.

This verification technology is usually used to log into an app, system or device.

The shape of human face and head is called facial biometric pattern. This biometric pattern information is mainly used to identify the identity of a particular person.

This technology first collects some unique features of someone\’s face or head. Later they are used for identity verification.

Face recognition system

This technology requires a device that has digital imaging technology to work. Such devices process images and other data to create biometric facial patterns.

Facial biometric systems are slightly different from other identification systems, such as passwords, email verification or fingerprints. This system uses mathematical and dynamic patterns to verify someone\’s identity. As a result, it is much safer and more reliable than other conventional systems.

When a face recognition system receives a photo of someone new, the system takes the data from it and compares it to its database. A major challenge in this case is that many times it has to be checked in real time or instantaneously. However, not all organizations have an instant check feature in biometric facial recognition software.

The whole facial recognition process can work in two ways. How the entire system will work depends on the situation in which the technology is being applied.

First, the facial recognition system detects and registers any face. It is then associated with an identity or identities. Thus an appearance is recorded in the system.

In facial recognition systems, this process is called digital onboarding.

In another process, the data coming from the camera is compared to the recorded database in the software. If the facial pattern matches the previous identity, then system access is granted.

How Does Face Recognition Work?

Face recognition system will not accept 3D image or 3D image, it mainly depends on the device. However, for the system to work successfully, it is important to have an internet connection on the device. Because the device with which the image is taken usually does not have a database. The database resides on the server. And internet connection is required to communicate with the server. Later, through the software, the identity of the face is compared by mathematically measuring without any kind of error.

AI and machine learning technology is also applied in the face recognition system. Due to which face recognition system is being used everywhere as a very accurate and safe verification system. Moreover, having algorithms to combine all the methods discussed above makes it possible to perform tasks in real time.

Cases in which biometric facial recognition is used.

• For second authentication; When it comes to extra security, this technology is used to ensure another level of security

• To access mobile app without password

• To log back into an online service

• To make online or direct payments

• To lock or unlock the device

• To check-in at the airport or hotel

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