The Right Strategy To Find Your Interest On Google

How often do you use Google? Every day, or several times a day?

Google knows everything. Want a forecast about the weather? Ask Google. Can\’t find your way to a restaurant? Search on Google. Do you have strange red spots on your body, or your dog won\’t stop eating grass? Find out by google. But at your own risk.

A few tricks can make your job easier to find what you

\’re looking for.

1. Find out by setting a date.

You may be doing research work, and you want to know the results of last 5 years of research on that topic. If you search by specific dates, old links will no longer be cluttered.

How to do this?

First type few words in your own language and press enter. Then go to \”Tools\” option and click on \”Any time\” and then click on \”Custom range\”.

A small popup box named \”Customized date range\” will appear and a calendar will appear with it. You can set the start and end date in that small box shaped option. That is, if you want, you can choose from 2017 to 2022, these 5 years. (You can even more.) Your search results will only show you articles published within these 5 years. Then click on \”Go\” option.

2. Eliminate unnecessary keywords.

It\’s annoying to keep coming up with something while looking for something. To avoid this hassle, you can exclude keywords while searching.

Do you need to remove any words? In that case, put a minus sign (-) before the word you want to remove.

And if you want to emphasize a word, put a plus sign (+) before it.

3. Find files.

There is another trick to save you time. If you want to find a spreadsheet, PDF, or document, type the file type at the beginning of the search. For example, if you want any PDF content, you should enter \”filetype:pdf\” with your keyword. Then enter the name of the subject you want to find the PDF file with a space.

Let\’s say you want to search pdf file on Dhaka. In that case you will write filetype:pdf Dhaka in the search box.

This method is also useful for finding any other type of file. Need an Excel spreadsheet? Go to the search engine and type filetype:xlsx and keywords in the same way.

4. Advanced search.

Everyone knows how to find something on Google. But skilled researchers prefer more advanced search methods, which help them get accurate results. You can find your desired website by using specific and exact words, numbers, language etc. to improve the search method.

When searching, first click on “Settings”, and find “Advanced Search” on the right side of the main text field. Here you will find many types of \”search fields\” including “region”, “last update”, “site or domain”. From which you can filter your search in various ways.

5. Google for measuring time.

This method is very effective, especially during cooking. Type \”timer\” in Google search and search. It will bring you a 5 minute countdown clock. You can change the duration as per your need. Next to the timer you will find a stopwatch. Use it if needed.

6. Searching for two topics at the same time.

Many of us think that Google can search only one topic at a time. For example, first we search for just “Paris”, and then we search for “History of Aviation”. But both can be searched at the same time.

If you\’re not sure what you\’re looking for, Google can search for multiple topics at once. You just need to use two words “and” or “or”. If you want to search for two different topics, use the word “and” to join the two topics. Or use the word \”or\” to separate the search terms.

7. Quick and easy way to find out.

If you don\’t have to filter when searching for something using advanced search, you can find them in no time. If you want to find something exactly, put quotation marks around the word or phrase, eg, \”War and Peace\”.

You can also search for something on social media by putting @ before the word, or by putting the # hashtag symbol. You can search by putting * symbol in place of an unknown word.

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