What Is Favicon And Why Is It Important To Use Favicon On Your Website

Favicon, meaning \”favorite icon\”, is displayed as an icon associated with a URL in a web browser\’s address bar. Besides, favicon is displayed in browser tabs, search results, history archives, bookmarks.

Favicons are often used as small-sized (16×16 pixels) logos, and despite being small, they increase brand awareness and improve user experience. Basically favicon does the branding of your website. One of its purposes is to help you see each site separately when you have multiple tabs open in a web browser.

A favicon is a small rectangular image that uses a company logo or image of anything to identify the company.

Favicon improves user experience. Favicon allows users to easily recognize brands and find websites of interest easily.

# 3 Benefits of Favicon.

The benefits of favicon are many. Discussed below.

1. Brand identity.

Favicon actually works as a shortcut icon, which can lead users to your website in a quick and efficient way. Favicon helps brands in multiple ways. Users can bookmark the favicon. It helps in increasing the traffic to the business homepage.

2 Create site validation.

A business\’s online image is critical to the success of that business. Potential customers get an idea of ​​your business and product quality as soon as they visit your website.

A customized favicon will make your website more trustworthy and legitimate in front of customers. This will give customers more confidence and encouragement to buy products from your company or do any business with your company.

3. Bookmark.

Favicons can provide your company with instant online leverage. Google Chrome bookmarks websites that have a favicon. Which is important in increasing traffic to your website.

# The best way to use favicon.

Creating a favicon is quite simple. This can be done in several ways. There are sites where you can create custom favicons for free. Or you can design your favicon with Designer or you can design your entire website. Whatever you do, it\’s best to be aware of favicon and its benefits.

Using favicon is very beneficial to increase your brand awareness. Favicon can bring customers to your website easily and quickly. Since there is no lack of competition in business, it is important to create business originality through favicon.

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