Top 10 Taxpayers of Bangladesh in 2022: Key Contributors to The Country’s Economy

Top 10 Taxpayers of Bangladesh in 2022 Discover the top 10 taxpayers in Bangladesh in 2022, including influential individuals and renowned organizations. From business tycoons to prominent media conglomerates, these key contributors play a vital role in supporting the country’s economy through their substantial tax payments.

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Top 10 Taxpayers of Bangladesh in 2022

Top 10 Taxpayers of Bangladesh in 2022

Taxes are a vital source of revenue for governments worldwide, supporting essential services such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure. In Bangladesh, the top taxpayers play a significant role in bolstering the country’s economy.

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Top 10 Taxpayers in Bangladesh in 2022

  1. Kaus Miah: Chairman of Akij Group, a leading conglomerate with interests in industries like tobacco, textiles, cement, and real estate.
  2. Shahnaz Rahman: Chairperson of Transcom Group, a prominent media and telecommunications conglomerate involved in newspapers, magazines, television channels, and mobile networks.
  3. British American Tobacco (BAT) Bangladesh: The largest tobacco company globally, with over 90% market share in Bangladesh.
  4. Faridur Reza Sagar: Managing Director of Impress Telefilm Limited (Channel i), a major television channel offering diverse programming like dramas, movies, and music videos.
  5. Mahfuz Anam: Editor and Publisher of The Daily Star, a leading English-language newspaper covering a wide range of news and current affairs.
  6. Matiur Rahman: Editor and Publisher of Prothom Alo, a popular Bangla-language newspaper providing comprehensive news and current affairs coverage.
  7. Shykh Seraj: Founder Director and Head of News at Channel I, one of the largest television channels in Bangladesh.
  8. Naem Nizam: Editor of Bangladesh Pratidin, a prominent Bangla-language newspaper delivering news and current affairs content.
  9. Shakib Al Hasan: Renowned Bangladeshi cricketer recognized as one of the world’s best all-rounders, having represented Bangladesh in all three formats of the game and contributing to their success in international tournaments.
  10. Tamim Iqbal Khan: Esteemed Bangladeshi cricketer regarded as one of the finest batsmen globally, representing Bangladesh with distinction.

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These individuals and organizations exemplify the top taxpayers of Bangladesh in 2022, playing a pivotal role in supporting the country’s economy through their contributions.


  • Q: What is the significance of taxes in Bangladesh?
  • A: Taxes in Bangladesh are crucial for funding essential services like education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

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Remember, paying taxes is a civic responsibility that helps build a better future for all citizens. By honoring this obligation, individuals and organizations contribute to the development of Bangladesh and the well-being of its people.

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