Will Artificial Intelligence Or AI Replace Programmers?

In the future, thanks to AI or artificial intelligence, a software will be able to code itself. Or it will be possible to create new software completely automatically through software alone.

Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Google, is assuming this about the future of software development. His words may be true. But that does not mean that software developers will become redundant.

Will AI replace computer programmers in the near future? Will it ever be possible to completely replace programmers? Maybe it will happen when we can build very strong artificial intelligence.

Such potentially powerful AI has been named ‘Artificial General Intelligence’. It is assumed that when AI technology reaches this stage, it will have all the qualities of the human brain.

In any case, the answer to the main question in the title is actually simple: the scope of our work will be greatly increased with the help of AI in the near future. And computer programmers will become “AI programmers”.

No one can deny that artificial intelligence is constantly getting better at programming. Everyone is also sure that programming can be done better than humans by using different types of AI tools.

But it will still take a long time for AI to work completely independently without human help. Because writing a code as small as a few lines of code that can be used independently in practice requires an intelligence comparable to the famous “technological singularity” concept.

But not in the future, programmers are no longer required to write entire codes by hand. Programmers are already using a variety of tools to automate much of their coding work.

AI actually helps programmers. However, it is still too late for artificial intelligence to come to the market, which can create a software from the beginning to the end with its own intelligence or can calculate the business value of each feature of the software.

Most AI-based tools rely on machine learning to become efficient and accurate at specific tasks. And machine learning works through ‘neural networks’, which use the method of ‘trial and error’ or experimenting in different ways to arrive at conclusions. Basically, this is how AI makes our various tasks easier and more accurate.

Machines are currently better than humans at finding and correcting errors. But machines will probably never be so automated as to form their own “opinions”. Machines do not have the ability to know which method can efficiently solve a problem or which new feature should be added to the software.

One day it may be seen that people will skip learning programming and just learn to use machine learning tools, so that they can do their jobs more efficiently. AI will then automate many complex tasks. As a result, developers will have more time to focus on creative and human tasks.

In short, humans will always be needed to do things that machines cannot do. People can focus on tasks such as collaborating with other developers, doing new research, taking concrete steps to solve problems, or implementing creative plans.

Many people think that the work of software development is not possible without the role of people. According to them, good software involves many things besides code. Software development requires a user-friendly framework, effective test data, and a field-testing environment in addition to interfaces that work with other applications.

And for these tasks people need to think. A human will verify these things with logic and use years of experience to finally write the code. This means that even the most intelligent AI will need human guidance to perform software development tasks.

How AI Will Impact The Work Of Programmers

One thing that is certain as a result of the advancement of AI is that the way software developers work will fundamentally change in the future. With the help of neural networks or artificial intelligence, many functions of digital platforms will be improved. But in the near future, AI will not be able to do all such work instead of humans.

The demand for application developers has increased a lot in recent times. Every aspect of our lives and work is becoming digital, and AI is being harnessed. But AI-based software also requires humans to create, control, structure, and manipulate data.

That is, looking at the current trend, it can be assumed that developers will reduce coding in the future. And even if they do, they will write less code. And the work of reviewing or optimizing the code will be less than writing the code. In the future we will see developers working in more theoretical areas like data science or digital innovation.

Even if the use of AI in coding work increases over time, the developers have to ensure that all the work done by AI is tested by humans. That is, it is not necessary to design a website in the most efficient way by calculating through AI, but creativity should be used there.

The Workplace Will Change Because Of AI

AI is great as an assistant at work. In the future, AI will do the same as people collaborate with each other to build software. For example, many companies are now using the method of ‘pair programming’. In this method, people with experience in various fields work together to create software. And in doing so, everyone uses their own thoughts and experiences. In this way, it becomes possible to create more useful and advanced applications for users. In this way, instead of multiple skilled humans, in the future, an AI tool may be able to help programmers in various ways.

Code has long been used to automate tasks. Now there is a demand that a coded program can adapt itself to various tasks. Such programs or software are called ‘Software 2.0’, where software can build itself using machine learning and AI.

In ‘Software 2.0’, machine learning works in such a way that the programmer is working with another highly skilled and experienced programmer. The software makes suggestions based on whatever it has been taught or given data. And can automatically run tests or ‘test runs’ using lots of data.

But a creative developer as a human decides how the app will be built. Because not all of the AI’s suggestions may be useful in meeting the actual goals of a particular app.

Basically, AI is far from the creativity required to be a good developer. It is still too late for an AI that can create a platform like Facebook or create a ‘graphic charter’ of an organization.

Moreover, the method by which artificial intelligence or AI learns is called ‘deep learning’. And deep learning cannot work without training. In order to learn through deep learning, the AI ​​has to provide a lot of information about different situations. And the question of how to build AI with what information will change the way human programmers work.

The Future Of AI In The World Of Programming

In short, AI has not yet reached a stage where it can take the place of programmers. However, if we look at the progress of the present time, it can be understood that in the near future, AI software will be able to write code for itself. But above all, it will make the work of human developers easier, so that code can be written faster in less time.

All things considered, it is safe to say that software developers have nothing to worry about right now. Maybe some of the developers’ jobs can be taken over by AI. But AI will not be able to take the place of a skilled developer at least in the next couple of decades.

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