The Future: The Future Of Work Through Mixed Reality

Every day more and more organizations are pushing to bring their operations through digital channels. A lot of data can be worked with basically digitally and the required information is available at hand. As a result, these companies are changing their business model.

However, through this, not only the organization\’s work process, products or services are coming through the digital medium. At the same time, the field is also being prepared for how the institutional work will be done in the future.

Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality will play a central role in our workplace in the near future.

What is mixed reality?

It is a medium in which a virtual or artificial environment is created through a computer. Here, real and virtual elements are created in such a way that the user feels like he is getting a completely realistic experience.

Let\’s take a look at how mixed reality will change our future workplace.

1. The office will work in a new way

Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) will change the way we do our daily work in the next few days.

Previously, the use of such media and technology was seen more in the \’gaming industry\’ or the game making industry. Now that is changing. Many tech companies are working on new types of smart glasses. Through these devices, users can see virtual content appearing before their eyes.

In the future, it may be that the first thing employees do when they arrive at the office in the morning is to log into their organization\’s network using a special type of \’data glass\’.

This \’data glass\’ will be a type of glasses similar to the current \’smart glass\’. When wearing these glasses, employees will see everything in the office that they need for their work floating in front of their eyes.

Through this they can create 3D animations, write notes or send e-mails. Everything can be done with just one device. Such devices will take the place of our familiar computer monitors.

2. AR will be used in corporate training

We will see many uses of Augmented Reality or AR in training in the future. This technology is already being used in complex operations in the medical industry. Very soon the use of \’AR\’ technology will increase along with the conventional methods of corporate training.

With the help of AR technology, users can get instant information on any topic. Employees can see what needs to be done at each step with the help of their head-up display or smart glasses. At this time they will see in front of their eyes how to work using any tool.

AR technology will be used instead of the way training is given with the help of \’manual\’ or guidance at present. As a result, employees no longer have to do boring manual checks during training. Rather, they can better focus on hands-on learning.

3. \’VR\’ in Marketing

Many organizations are enhancing their marketing strategies by using new and innovative marketing tools. One of them is virtual reality. With the help of virtual reality, it is not only easier to reach the customers, but the organizations are able to stir deep in the minds of the customers through their products or services.

Using mediums like virtual reality to give customers a new experience will make them feel more important.

Some companies are already using VR and AR technology to provide extraordinary customer experiences. And it is also getting a lot of response from the buyers.

4. \’MR\’ technology in product design or design in

\’MR\’ technology will create opportunities to do our conventional tasks more easily. This technology will be used while designing new products as well as many other tasks. Designers no longer have to rely on computer 3D programs. Rather, they can observe it better by keeping the design in front of their eyes using \’MR\’ technology. And can improve it as needed.

You can even go inside the design if you want. Then a design can be observed from all perspectives. Designers will understand which areas can be improved.

They will discover a design in a whole new way because of seeing it from a new perspective. At the same time they can compare their work with previous work.

In the future, our work will be done with the help of these technologies. Therefore, organizations that want to stay ahead of the times, must now find out how they can use these technologies.

This is how we should prepare ourselves for the future workplace.

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