How To Get Promotion Without Asking Directly

You are doing all the office work properly. You don\’t show up late, submit work before deadlines, and never take sick leave. But still there is no chance of your promotion. This has been the case for many people for a long time in their careers.

This is because, you are seen as an employee who only fulfills his minimum duties. Yes, maybe you do your job best. But such performance is not enough for promotion.

You have to stand out from the rest. Let your boss think he\’s the smartest manager for hiring you—he\’s got to do it.

All such work must be done and done in such a way that it seems that your salary is less than the work. Make yourself a part of your company without which the company will stumble.

So follow the seven steps below to repeatedly exceed company expectations with your work style and get a promotion without asking.

1. Don\’t just increase your skillset

Know your company\’s history. Also know about their competitors in the market and all the latest updates. For example, if you\’re an IT developer, be aware of not only the latest coding news but also what other companies in your industry are using.

2. It is not enough to prepare answers to all the questions

It would be nice to be able to respond to any queries from your boss instantly. But don\’t always wait for his question. Let him know in advance what he needs to know. Along with your pro-activity, he will also understand how passionate you are about the work you do.

3. Point out your own mistakes

If you are wrong, you must admit it. But always bring up the problem yourself rather than waiting for your boss to see it. If possible, decide what steps need to be taken to resolve it and then share it with your senior colleagues. In this way he will get a positive idea about his creativity and responsibility.

4. Take training and courses on your own

Many say career advice—talk to the company to arrange for you to be sent to new training to enhance your skillset. But this method should not always be followed. If you want to impress your colleagues, do such trainings yourself. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for these things. And now there are many courses available online, you can do them in between your regular work It also saves your time and reduces the additional cost of the company. And you took a few steps towards promotion.

5. Don\’t always sit for directions

Do some work on your own initiative. Develop and distribute a guideline for newly hired employees. Try to make your work method more effective or if someone has a deficiency in their work, share an idea with them to eliminate that deficiency.

Because a boss likes to see \’vision\’ in his colleagues more than anything else. So don\’t forget to use your own ideas. And of course inform the boss about your contributions anyway. There is no greatness in hiding one\’s achievements. This makes people think that you are doing extra work with so much enthusiasm to belittle your colleagues.

6. Liaise with other departments besides your own

Because at one point or another you have to work together with other departments. This is essential if you work in a large company. So maintaining good relationships with different departments across the company comes in handy. When you say to your boss, \”No problem, boss. Send me the file. I know who to work with.\” You will be forced to impress yourself by seeing the reaction of the boss that day.

7. Try to be the calmest person in any crisis

Maybe there\’s a rift between two colleagues or everyone is having a rough time because of a new rule. Keep yourself calm during these moments. Don\’t lose control of your emotions. This will let everyone know that you can think clearly. As a result, they will come to you for advice. Because they need leaders, and this quality is seen more in leaders. And those who have leadership qualities are considered for the first promotion.

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