How The Modern Railway System Has Developed

Human or animal-drawn railways are first known in the city of Corinth in ancient Greece in the 6th century BC. These railways were generally used to carry heavy goods. Later, in other civilizations too, the practice of pulling goods by placing cars like trains on the pavements made like railways began. Until the 16th century, wooden railways were in operation in several European countries. But the first really modern train was built in 1804.

Currently, 40 percent of all goods transported around the world are by rail. Because the cost of transporting goods over long distances by train is relatively low. Also, passengers can travel safely and cheaply by train. Again, train travel also has less impact on the environment than other modes of transportation. So it can be said that with the development of modern railway system, many people of the world are benefiting.

See, in writing and in pictures, a view of the changing railway system.

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