How Technology Is Benefiting The Environment

Recently some technologies have been developed which will help in de-polluting the environment.

Many believe that technology harms the environment. But now there are many technologies that are helping to solve man-made problems.

It is even being said that technology will one day be able to completely depollute the earth’s environment. But we will have to wait more to see that.

Here are a few examples of how technology is benefiting the environment today:


Divers’ charity Project AWARE has announced the creation of a new smartphone app that will help record levels of trash in seawater. Which is a very amazing work.

Divers can report, take pictures and describe the situation through this app after clearing any garbage from the sea.

Even if the internet connection is disconnected under water, all information from the app can be saved on the smartphone. Later, if the connection is correct, the information can be submitted again from the phone to the app.

Sea Cleaning Method

A 23-year-old boy from the Netherlands, Boyan Salt, has developed a method that could clean up more than half of the huge amount of plastic waste in the ocean.

At just 23 years old, Boyan realized how much plastic harms our environment and started working to solve the problem.

There has long been talk of how to tackle climate change and clean up plastic waste in the oceans from the grassroots level.

The extraordinary tenacity and ambition with which Boyan finally came to solve that problem is awe-inspiring. He can become a great guide for the next generation.

Digital Billing System

If we can go completely digital without paper and pen then our environment will be better. If email could be used instead of paper bank statements and other bills, many trees would be saved. No need to cut down millions of trees and make paper. Besides, our time will be saved a lot.


We may resell or recycle our goods through apps and websites. We often leave various things in the waste or store room. But instead of doing that we can sell them over the internet or donate them to someone. It will benefit others and our environment will also be good.

Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy sources is increasing day by day. Wind power to solar power and even hydroelectric power are far better than fossil fuels. These do not produce harmful gases.

It may have taken a long time for many to realize that renewable energy sources have utility beyond their aesthetics. But already both the environment and public health are starting to see the benefits.

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