How Smart Glass Works

According to historians, glass was invented in 5000 BC. But initially glass was used to make weapons or utensils. The use of glasses to magnify objects began much later. The first magnifying glass was invented around the 13th century. Around the same time, the use of glasses to see clearly with the eyes also began.

But nowadays, as the technology advances, the scope of work of glasses or glass is also increasing. In continuation of that, ‘smart glasses’ have come to the market along with conventional glasses for several years.

Once upon a time there was a way of looking at the clock to know the time. However, as a result of applying technology to traditional watches, the smartwatch came to the market.

Now smart glasses are used for many other purposes apart from watching time, following fashion or seeing clearly. But to do these things, you have to connect the smartphone with the smart glass first.

What Is Smart Glass?

Many modern smart glasses have cameras built into the frame. Smartphones can also be connected to glasses using wireless technology. Through this, data can be transferred seamlessly between the phone and the glass. Some smart glasses are controlled with small buttons. Some smart glasses have to be used again via audio commands. Many smart glasses also work by analyzing eye movements.

But smart glasses are not just for gadget lovers. According to experts, this smart glass will help the visually or hearing impaired in many ways in the future.

Who invented smart glass?

While regular glasses have been in use since the 13th century, smart glasses have hit the market only a few years ago. Google’s smart glass product ‘Google Glass’ has been sold since 2014.

At that time, Babak Parviz, director of Google X, the research and development arm of Google, was the head of the ‘Google Glass’ team. According to information published in the American online media organization ‘Business Insider’, Google Glass saw the light due to Babak Parviz.

What Can Be Done With Smart Glass?

Different models of smart glasses can be used for different tasks. To go somewhere, you can see the direction of the map right in front of your eyes through the glass. In smart glass, with some models of smart glass, the lens can be changed according to the outside environment. With many smart glasses, you can see or mark your location on the map through GPS technology. Smart glasses with cameras can take pictures or record videos. And with some smartglasses, a mini version of the smartphone screen can be seen.

Recently, new possibilities of using smart glass in medical system are emerging. Smart glasses can be useful in many ways in the initial examination or guidance of patients.

Who is using smart glass now?

Smart glass is not widely popular yet. But big companies working with the technology have been making smart glasses for several years. Last year, the global smart glass market was worth USD 3.8 billion in 2020.

According to research firm Juniper Research, the market value of smart glass will increase to 9 billion dollars in 2021. But considering it as a gadget, smartglass is still quite expensive and heavy product.

Privacy issues with smart glasses

Google Glass was not on the market for long after its invention. This $1500 smart glass was pulled from the market for several reasons. One of the reasons is the fear of privacy of the general public. Because, if one can secretly take photos of others with this glass, it will violate the privacy of others. Journalists and experts working on technology have brought up several problems with the gadget.

But recently, Google’s smart glass has come into the market again. However, according to many users, they are still not interested in using heavy headgear like smart glasses. Hence, manufacturers are focusing on making smart glass designs more user friendly over time.

Along with smart glasses, smart sunglasses are also available in the market now. Smart sunglasses can increase or decrease the brightness of ambient light as needed.

In addition to Google, various companies such as Microsoft, Brother Industries and MA Studio have brought their own smart glasses to the market. Many modern features are also being added to the new models of the gadget by applying AR or Augmented Reality technology. According to experts, the prevalence of smart glass will increase soon.

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