How Bluetooth Devices Work

Bluetooth technology is used in all aspects of our daily life. This technology is becoming popular day by day for easy use of many other devices like laptop or mobile phone in car, home, office.

Bluetooth technology uses wireless waves instead of wires or cables to exchange information between multiple electronic devices in close proximity.

Bluetooth technology works much like our cellphones, but the wireless waves used in Bluetooth are about 1,000 times weaker than in cellphones. Our cellphones can maintain communication even with mobile towers located several miles away. On the other hand, when the distance between two Bluetooth devices is usually more than 10 feet, they cannot be used effectively.

That is, let’s say you have a wireless Bluetooth keyboard connected to your computer. If you leave the computer at your house and go to a friend’s house with the keyboard, then the device will not be able to connect to the computer due to the distance. Then if you type something on the keyboard while sitting at your friend’s house, nothing will appear on the computer screen at your house.

When multiple Bluetooth devices are in close proximity, they are connected to each other through tiny computer chips inside them. Basically, the tiny chips emit specialized Bluetooth wireless waves. But to use the Bluetooth device, the chip must be activated first. And to turn it on, you have to press the specific button or switch on the Bluetooth device.

Once activated, a short-range network is created between two Bluetooth devices, through which information is usually exchanged. Such a network is called a piconet. The term ‘pico’ is used to denote something very small in the metric system of measurement.

Piconet is basically a network between multiple devices connected through Bluetooth technology. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speaker connected to your computer, all devices will form their own Bluetooth piconet. However, one device cannot exchange data separately with another via Piconet. Instead, all other devices will be connected to the main device centrally. For example, your computer will act as the main device.

A piconet is usually generated automatically. That is, if any of your devices, such as keyboards, are installed within Piconet’s range, they will automatically connect to the main device. Again, the keyboard or any such Bluetooth device will automatically disconnect from the Piconet when moved out of range. Likewise, the keyboard will automatically reconnect when brought back into range.

The popularity of Bluetooth technology and devices made with this technology is increasing with time mainly due to various advantages.

Have you personally benefited from using Bluetooth devices?

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