Get Google AdSense Approval in 2023: 12 Private Tricks for Beginners

12 Private Tricks For Google AdSense Approval For Beginners in 2023


AdSense Approval Tricks: If you\’re struggling to get approved by Google AdSense for your blog, you\’re in the right place! In this post, I will share my personal method to help you get approved fast with 12 of the best Google AdSense approval tricks. This method is especially helpful for new bloggers and beginners who are trying to get their first AdSense account approved for their website.

To ensure you get approved by Google AdSense, it\’s important to first understand their terms and conditions. This post will guide you through the step-by-step process and provide insight into what Google is looking for when approving your website.

By following these methods, you\’ll be on your way to successfully getting approved by Google AdSense for your blog. This is my personal method that I use for all of my sites, so let\’s get started! First, let\’s answer the question: what is Google AdSense? If you\’re not familiar with it, this post will help you understand.

What is Google Adsense:

Google AdSense is a popular online monetization platform that enables bloggers and website owners to earn money through advertising.

Simply put, it is a program launched by Google in 2003 that allows bloggers and webmasters to monetize their blogs or websites. You may have seen various types of advertising programs on the internet, but Google AdSense is one of the most widely used.

Although there are many Google AdSense alternatives available, it remains a popular choice among bloggers and website owners.

Now that you understand what Google AdSense is, let\’s move on to our main goal. In this post, we\’ll discuss the 12 best Google AdSense approval tricks that can help you monetize your blog with Google AdSense ads. These are my personal tips that have been compiled into a list for easy reference.

  1. Top-Level Domain.
  2. Use Standard Hosting.
  3. Create a WordPress Site.
  4. Use Adsense Friendly Themes.
  5. Create Pages.
  6. Create a Navigation Menu.
  7. Publish Unique Articles.
  8. Submit A Website In Search Engines.
  9. Gain Traffic (From social/organic).
  10. Remove Ads From Your Site.
  11. Wait At Least 1 Month.
  12. Submit Your Website For AdSense Approval.

All the above points are important to get Google AdSense approval for your blog or website. let’s begin. and talk about all one by one topic in detail.

12 Private Google AdSense Approval Tricks For Beginners

In this post, I\’m sharing my personal method for getting Google AdSense approval quickly. With these 12 tricks, you can get approved in just one month. Let\’s explore them now and get started!

Tricks: 1. Always Use Top Level Domains

The first step to getting approved by Google AdSense is to use a top-level domain (TLD), such as .com, .in, .net, or .org. Avoid using subdomains like .tk, .ga, or .gq, as AdSense won\’t approve them.

I recommend using a domain provider like GoDaddy, which offers affordable options and discounts for new users. Using a top-level domain can also help your website get indexed faster on Google search and improve your SEO.

Tricks: 2. Use Standard Hosting

If you\’re using Blogger, you don\’t need web hosting. But if you\’re using WordPress to create your website, you\’ll need to buy good web hosting. Although web hosting doesn\’t affect Google AdSense approval, having good hosting can make your website faster and improve its speed score, which can help with SEO.

There are many hosting companies to choose from, including GoDaddy, Hostinger, and Bluehost. I recommend using affordable hosting, but avoid free hosting services if you want to expand your website and get AdSense approval.

Tricks: 3. Create a WordPress Site

Now that you have your top-level domain and web hosting, connect your domain to your hosting using nameservers. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Once your domain and hosting are connected, use your cPanel to create a website. In the apps installer section, select WordPress and install it on your web hosting with your top-level domain name. If you have an SSL certificate in your hosting account, enable it from cPanel as well.

I have a step-by-step guide for installing WordPress that you can follow. After successfully creating your WordPress site, it\’s time to set up an AdSense-friendly theme for your website. Let\’s move on to the next step.

Tricks: 4. Use Adsense Friendly Themes

The website\’s design and theme play a crucial role in its success. To create an appealing and user-friendly website, you should try custom themes that offer good readability. Google AdSense also requires a simple, neat, and clean website design that benefits both you and your visitors.

Numerous WordPress themes are available on the internet, and you can choose from paid and free options. If you want to create a professional website, paid themes are a better choice. However, for learning purposes, you can also use free WordPress themes.

One free theme that I highly recommend for getting Google AdSense approval is HitMag. It\’s the same theme that helped me get approved for AdSense. You can download and install this theme on your WordPress site and follow the other steps I mentioned earlier to get approved quickly.

Tricks: 5. Create Pages

Alright, so now it\’s time to create some crucial pages that are essential for getting approval from Google AdSense. Without these pages, your website won\’t be approved by Google AdSense. Therefore, you need to create pages such as:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • DMCA
  • Sitemap

You can either create these pages manually or use page generator tools. If you don\’t want to use generators, you can simply copy my pages and replace my domain name and email ID with your own details.

Personally, I always use a page generator to create these pages. Let me share with you some generators that will help you to create all the necessary pages required for Google AdSense.

I highly recommend using these generators to create all of the necessary pages for your website. It\’s very simple and convenient to create pages and maintain a clear website.

  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Disclaimer Generator
  • DMCA Generator

All you need to do is fill in your information, and within a minute, you will get your page content. Simply copy and paste it into your website\’s pages.

Tricks: 6. Create a Navigation Menu

To make your website user-friendly, it\’s essential to create a navigation menu that appears on the home screen. This menu should include pages, categories, and other items you want to showcase to your users.

It\’s crucial to keep your navigation menu simple and easy to understand, so users can quickly find the topics they\’re interested in. You can also include social media icons to help you gain traffic from social signals.

Make sure to add important categories, pages, and custom links to your navigation menu, while keeping it simple. You can also include submenus to present yourself as a professional website owner.

Tricks: 7. Publish Unique Articles

Publishing unique and high-quality articles on your website regularly is crucial to get Google AdSense approval. Make sure to write proper SEO-friendly content that is free from plagiarism. You should never copy content from other websites. Instead, create your own posts and check them using a plagiarism checker to ensure they are unique.

When it comes to images, avoid using copyrighted images on your blog post. If you must use images, make sure they are either your own or copyright-free. This will show that your post is completely unique and help you get approved faster.

I recommend posting at least one article per day to improve your website\’s ranking on Google search. You can also use SEO plugins and free SEO tools available on the internet to optimize your content for search engines. If you\’re interested, I have a dedicated article on free SEO tools that you can check out.

Tricks: 8. Submit A Website In Search Engines

Now that your website is ready to rank on Google searches, you need to submit it to search engines. This is a crucial step in order to rank on Google quickly.

If your website is new and not yet appearing in Google search results, you should submit it to Google Search Console. Simply visit the Google Search Console website and sign up with your Gmail account. Then, add your website as a property or project, verify your domain, and you\’re good to go – your website is now submitted to Google Search Console.

Apart from Google, there are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu where you can also submit your website. This will help you to index your website not only on Google but also on other search engines.

Make sure to follow these steps before applying for Google AdSense approval.

Tricks: 9. Gain Traffic From social/organic

To increase your chances of Google AdSense approval, it is recommended that your website has some level of traffic, although Google has not specified any minimum requirement. You can drive traffic to your site by using SEO techniques and promoting your articles on social media platforms.

Sharing your articles on social media and with your friends can generate real traffic to your site, which will also boost your articles\’ visibility on Google search results. It is important to have some level of traffic on your website, but it doesn\’t have to be high. Even if your website receives 100 views per month, you can still apply for Google AdSense approval.

Tricks: 10. Remove Ads From Your Website

There are numerous advertising networks available on the internet that can help you earn money. I have a dedicated article on AdSense alternatives, so you should consider trying out those sites as well.

However, don\’t worry, you will get Google AdSense approval. If you are using any third-party ad network on your website, then remove the ad codes from your site before submitting it to Google AdSense.

Google AdSense does not allow any third-party ad network on a website that is submitted to them, except for Infolinks. Therefore, I recommend removing any ads or ad codes from your website.

Tricks: 11. Wait At Least 1 Month

To make your content easily readable and quick to comprehend, I suggest the following revision:

Indexing your website content on Google search results may take time. Typically, it takes around a month for your posts and website to get indexed. During this period, focus on building and improving your website.

If you have a new website and domain, getting Google AdSense approval may be challenging. To improve your chances of approval, work on your website regularly for a month. Follow all the steps mentioned in the above list before submitting your website to Google AdSense.

Tricks: 12. Submit Your Website For AdSense Approval

Congratulations! After a month of hard work, your website is now properly indexed on Google search results, has traffic from organic and social media sources, and has enough quality articles. Your website is now ready for Google AdSense approval.

Now, the main step is to go to the official Google AdSense website, sign up with your email or create a new account, and submit your website for approval. After submission, it may take 3 to 4 days for them to verify your details and website. Once verified, you will receive an email with the good news of your Google AdSense approval. This method has always worked for me, and I hope it works for you too!

Final Words From Author:

Obtaining Google AdSense approval can be challenging for beginners, but by following the proper steps and guidance, you can obtain it on your first try. To get Google AdSense approval quickly, I always use this checklist, which has worked for me and I hope it works for you too.

Your website content is crucial to obtaining approval from Google AdSense. Regularly publishing articles on your website will help you obtain approval quickly.

I hope you found my best Google AdSense Approval Tricks helpful. I personally used these tricks and believe they can be beneficial to you as well. If you believe this article can be helpful to you, please share it with your friends and family. Thank you!

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