For The First Time In The World Cup, Players Are Using The \’FIFA Player App\’

On the occasion of this year\’s World Cup, FIFA has used advanced technology in every stadium. As a result, it becomes easier for referees to make decisions in moments of doubt or controversy.

And the audience can see the breathtaking parts of the favorite team\’s game in a more subtle way. This system is built on a combination of different technologies like artificial intelligence or AI, machine learning, cameras and sensors.

Through this, a huge amount of data is collected and analyzed from every match. However, at the end of the game, the need for this huge amount of information is not over.

FIFA has arranged that the data collected about the players participating in each match is useful to the players. That is why the organization has created a special mobile app named \’FIFA Player App\’ for the use of players only.

This is the first time such an initiative has been taken in this World Cup. With the help of this app, every player of all countries participating in Qatar World Cup can evaluate their performance.

According to FIFA\’s \’Vision 2020-2023\’, the organization will work on new ways of using technology to improve the game of football and the quality of players. Following this, the \’FIFA Player App\’ has been developed based on the suggestions of experienced and professional players.

FIFA has worked with an international association of professional footballers called \’FIFAPRO\’ to develop the app. About 65,000 professional football players around the world are associated with the organization.

Players from different countries have been surveyed and interviewed before making this app. It has been found that players are very interested in knowing about their performance data. And they want to get these data collected about themselves easily, it is possible to fulfill this need through \’FIFA Player App\’.

After every match, the players get detailed information about their personal performance by entering this app from their smartphones. With the \’FIFA Player App\’ they can view a range of data, including:

Enhanced Football Data Metrics.

The app analyzes the data collected about the impact of each player\’s performance on the match. This data is generated by a group of analysts trained on football performance. And for this they use tracking technology based on cameras, sensors and algorithms in the field. For example, through such data a player can know at any moment of the game that he tried to take the ball from the opposing team. Or when their team got past the opposition defense or how much pressure they were able to put on the opposition. These actions of the players are calculated through different definitions of football defined by FIFA, which is called \’FIFA Football Language\’.

Physical Performance Metrics.

All stadiums have perfect tracking system with multiple cameras to track every player during the game. It collects and analyzes the data related to the physical performance of the players. Players can access this information from their smartphones.

The distance covered by the players at different speeds is known through the app. The app shows how long the player played at a speed of more than 25 km per hour or what was his top speed during the match. In addition, it can be seen with the help of \’heat map\’ where their position was more in the entire field.

Enhanced Football Intelligence Metrics.

The data was created by a team of experts called the \’Football Performance Analysis and Insights Team\’. That is why they analyze the various data collected directly through the tracking technology during the match through algorithms.

It presents various data related to the match in an excellent way. For example, how the game has progressed over time, at what moment the speed of the game has changed, at what moment and in what place on the field the ball was at the player\’s feet or how much pressure came from the opponent when the ball was at his feet, many things can be seen in this app.

This data is then combined with video footage of the match captured on camera. This allows players to see every important moment of their performance from different camera angles.

Also, many photographs are taken at important moments of every World Cup match. These images of each player captured by the camera can be viewed later in their app. If they want, they can share these photos with match statistics on social media directly from the app. Or you can save it on your device.

After arriving in Qatar for the World Cup, all the players have been given the download link and instructions to use the \’FIFA Player App\’.

Earlier last year during the \’FIFA Arab Cup\’ players of different teams were allowed to use this app experimentally. It was then decided to open this app to the players of all the countries participating in the World Cup only after the effectiveness of this app was proven.

Until then, only information related to team performance was reported to the national team. This is the first time that every player is getting detailed information about his game and performance separately. According to FIFA\’s Director of \’Football Technology and Innovation\’, Johannes Holzmüller, this is how FIFA is bringing development to the players. And essentially trying to make the most of technology to make the experience better for those playing on the field.

Players Are Being Made Aware Of Information Security.

FIFA and FIFPRO are working together to ensure that football players know and understand their data protection and privacy rights under existing legislation.

The two organizations are trying to develop a standard for the collection, storage and use of such personal data, including player performance data. That is why they have created the \’Charter of Player Data Rights\’ or the \’Declaration on the Rights of Players\’ Personal Data\’ and are working to improve it. They believe, through this, players will know and understand their information rights more transparently.

According to the General Secretary of FIFPro, in the future, the personal data of the players will be used to improve their health, performance, use of technology in the game and their experience during the match.

It is hoped that all players under FIFA, including men and women, will eventually have access to the app.

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